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Hi, my name is Evan and I am 10 years old.  I have been playing piano since 2015!  I love playing piano.  My teacher is such a great music teacher.  She is so caring and nice to me.  It is hard to find a great musical program so close to my house, especially since my public school is no longer doing musical activities. I have met so many friends at the recitals!  Three of my neighbors do the musical program too.  One is 10 and plays guitar another one does the music funtime classes and is 3 years old and one is a retired adult taking piano lessons.  They started because I told them that our community center has a musical program!  I'm just so glad that there is a musical program at the community center because I am a triplet and I'm the middle child and I don't really have an interest in sports like my two brothers do.

Evan; Piano Student since 2015

We're so enjoying our lessons! Our teacher is not only knowledgeable but warm and encouraging as well. We're grateful!

Kathleen; Adult Violin Student and Parent of Violin Student

Our kids (9 year old and 5 year old) started the music lessons with North Phoenix Academy of Music last school year.  Their teacher has been doing a wonderful job in bringing our kids up to speed on theory and piano classes. They are really enjoying their classes and are always waiting for class. They have made a tremendous progress over the last year and we are really happy with the program.  This is the only class or activity that we attend at Sonoran Foothills Community Center and we would love to continue the same moving forward.

Smitha; Parent of 2 Piano Students

My teacher is wonderful!  I had a great first lesson and am already practicing.  She really understood how to assess my skill set and level, as well as my overall goals in lesson planning and development.  

Jason; Adult Piano and Flute Student

My son has been learning quite a bit. He loves going to music class so I'm really happy about that.

Almira; Parent of Music FunTime Student


My daughter loves Music FunTime Class!

Stefanie; Parent of Music Funtime Student

We will be moving out of the area and my son will no longer be able to take Guitar classes with North Phoenix Academy of Music.  He really enjoyed his teacher; I’m sad he has to find someone new!

Amy; Parent of Guitar Student


We recently moved and won’t be able to continue our music lessons.  Thanks a ton to our teacher for keeping up with all the tantrums and tough times we gave her (LOL).  We feel so lucky that we got to learn from her and will always cherish those moments and remember her teachings! We will continue recommending North Phoenix Academy of Music and we ourselves will always remember. Thanks!

Jo & Divi; Adult and Child Violin Lessons

Thank you so much to our teacher! You have made my son learn and  love his music! I will never be able to express my gratitude enough! To our teacher and to North Phoenix Academy of Music, a genuine thank you!

Dr. Geetika; Parent of Music FunTime and Piano Student


Callie loves class! Thank you so much!

Mary; Parent of Music FunTime Student

You have always been a feel good person for Isabell (and me). We are grateful for you and know you will keep enhancing the lives of children!

Wendy; Parent of Voice Student

I have enjoyed having you as my piano teacher and learned a lot from you over the years!  I have loved learning all of the songs I 

have done, even if they were hard at first!  Thank you for always helping me to grow and develop my gift of music!

Makenna; Piano Student since 2015

Thank you SO much for helping me with my Clarinet and Piano Lessons! 

Grace; Clarinet and Piano Student

Thank you so much for everything you hae done for me!  I have learned so much from you and I have enjoyed progressing through all of the books!  I have learned so much about piano, music theory and reading music.  It has helped me so much in both choir and music in general.  Thank you for the recommendation letters for both choir and worship arts; it meant a lot to me!  Thanks for all of the service opportunities you have provided for me (Veteran's Day, Nursing Homes, Community Santa Breakfast, etc)!  You have taught me so much about hard work and determination and I am forever grateful!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Madison; Piano Student since 2015

I really cannot imagine my daughter getting a better Music Education than what she has received at North Phoenix Academy of Music!

Her teacher insists on good basics before advancing in the lessons and she also has instilled a great deal of discipline.  She is firm, but always supportive,  positive and always smiling.  She is a high energy individual and very structured and efficient during the lesson time.

Thanks for your work in music education and for bringing quality music lessons to the North Valley!

Margot; Parent of Flute Student since 2014 (Student Graduated and is now attending Yale University)


I highly recommend North Phoenix Academy of Music as an outstanding and highly reputable professional full-line Music Dealer/Music School.  I have worked with them for many years and I enthusiastically recommend North Phoenix Academy of Music to my students and their parents for their music lesson and music retail needs.    As a Band Director with 31 years of teaching experience, when making music store recommendations to my students and parents, I only recommend what I know from personal experience to be the best music stores----and I highly recommend North Phoenix Academy of Music for the following reasons:

1.  They carry quality merchandise and instrument brands and accessories that we reccomend for our band students

2.  The staff are honest, knowledgeable and professional

3.  Their prices are competitive 

4.  Their passion for music education is evident in the myriad of extra things they do like sponsoring guest artists for clinics/masterclasses/concerts, online educational blogs, recitals, music advocacy for parents, tons of community service and the fun events to celebrate the successes of their students

5.  They offer a complete and competitive Beginnger Band Rental Program that includes all band instruments and accessories specifically for beginning band students

6.  They work hard to completely meet the needs of their customers; students, parent and educators

7.  They offer quality lesson instructors who are carefully screened and are excellent professional teacher in all instrument areas

I highly recommend North Phoenix Academy of Music as one of the most outstanding Music Dealers/Music Schools in the Phoenix area

Steve; Band Director and Instrumental Music Coordinator

We have loved having lessons with North Phoenix Academy of Music and are so grateful for all that our teacher has done to develop my kids into the piano players they have become. We are so proud of the progress the girls have made! We are also so grateful for all the community service opportunities you have provided. It has been a good 4 1/2 years. Thank you for everything!

Angie; Parent of 2 Piano Students

North Phoenix Academy of Music deserves 5 stars!

Prakash; Parent of Piano Student

Thank you for coordinating the Spring 2020 Covid19 Virtual Recital! It was a wonderful experience and so proud that even in this situation you could arrange everyone’s performance so perfectly. Much appreciate!! 

Deepika; Parent of Piano and Voice Student

We just wanted to thank you for our wonderful lessons-we really appreciate your teaching with such patience and humor and encouraging us in our progress each week!

Kathleen; Adult Violin Student and Parent of Violin Student

Thank you for being a great Piano Teacher!

Linden; Piano Student

I just wanted you to know how glad I am that we tried the online class with you during Covid19 and quarantine 2020. At first I was apprehensive and wasn’t quite sure if the online would work for my son. After the very first class I was so happy I didn’t give up, it would be a big mistake on my part.  Your interaction with Alex was great! He was soooo happy to see you, the information and material was given to him with great detail and the interaction in general was fabulous!  Thanks for the wonderful person you are, thanks for all the love you put into those classes, and thank you for making my kiddo an awesome violin player. 

Gigi; Parent of Violin Student

I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my Guitar lessons! Your love for music and teaching is so amazing

Helena;  Guitar Student

Thank you for being the best Teacher! You are so sweet;  and nice, thank you for all you have thought me and I'm excited to do the redo performance for you. I miss you! and it's too bad I couldn't hug you, but when this is over I will! Again thank you so much!, you made my day!

Morgan; Guitar Student

Thank you for your time, patience, understanding and teaching with Adam and Piper. 

Kim; Parent of 2 Music FunTime Students

You have been great! And Serene really enjoyed the classes!

Joon; Parent of Music FunTime Student

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet words.... you go above and beyond and I appreciate that very much. You made her day extra special!

Gabby; Parent of Violin Student

Thank you for your great lessons, integrity, and kindness. It's not hard to see what a genuinely wonderful person you are. 

Brynn; Adult Cello Student

You have been so amazing! You are the only teacher my daughter has ever talked to. I know it’s because you are so sweet, caring and wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication! 

Terry; Parent of Music FunTime Student

I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I really enjoyed working with you.  I feel that I’ve learned a lot from you and I’m excited about what's to come. Thanks again!

Grace; College Bound Clarinet Student

We are very appreciative to our North Phoenix Academy of Music Teacher for her dedication to Grace. Grace is a better musician thanks to her. Our greatest appreciation!

Heather; Parent of Clarinet Student

Thank you very much for teaching Swapnil his piano lessons for the last 2+ years. He enjoyed learning your classes and given many recitals and community service performing opportunities. We enjoyed watching his recitals.

You are a wonderful teacher and have been very flexible and helped Swapnil to learn piano.  Thank you!

Padmaja; Parent of Piano Student

Both my kids did Music FunTime a few years ago and loved it. They learned a lot about music and different instruments. This program starts with the basics. Great starting point for a young child and close to home=bonus!!

Jen; Parent of Two Music FunTime Students

We have enjoyed Music FunTime. My daughter is 3 and started about a year ago. She has learned so much and really enjoys going!

Stephanie; Parent of Music FunTime Student

My girls both love taking piano lessons here!

Randee; Parent of Two Piano Students

Our son takes lessons here and loves it!

Jessica L.; Parent of Piano Student

Thank you so much for getting the kids ready for a great Veteran’s Day performance and making sure everything went perfect, in spite of some hurdles. We absolutely appreciate you for giving the kids an opportunity to perform on a special day at a special location.

Deepa; Parent of Piano and Guitar Student

North Phoenix Academy of Music is amazing! My son loves it!!

Michele; Parent of Music FunTime Student

My son does music class with North Phoenix Academy of Music and the instructors are really good!

Amy Juarez; Parent of Music FunTime Student

Mu kids have enjoyed their time with North Phoenix Academy of Music and we appreciate all that their teacher has taught them. 

Wenona; Parent of Music FunTime and Piano Students

Our teacher is a great motivator and teacher! Thank you for everything!

Miranda; Parent of Violin Student

I have been fortunate to have my instructor for nearly five years. She is a supportive educator and a wonderful person. I treasure the experience and am enriched by the knowledge I’ve gained. I extend my sincere thanks to everyone at the academy!

Nancy; Adult Piano Student

We are impressed with the progress our daughter has made especially considering that most of her lessons have been virtual.   I want to thank you for the wonderful progress that she has made!

Heather; Parent of Flute Student

We love our teacher and she is doing a great job!

Erin; Parent of 3 Music FunTime Students and 1 Guitar Student

We love the lessons and our Teacher! Our daughter has had years of great experiences with North Phoenix Academy of Music!

Sarah; Mom of Guitar Student (Sonoran Foothills)

Jaxon's lessons with his teacher are great. He loves it! Thank you for the great communication and opportunity to be apart of your school. Thank you for taking good care of Jaxon. He is so excited to learn the violin.

Kristene; Parent of Violin Student

I am so happy to see Isabella engaged and passionate about something.  We are all very excited about this new venture!

Kelli; Parent of Piano Student

We are so grateful to have you as her piano teacher. She is very excited so thank you for all your hard efforts in teaching her piano. You are the best!!  Thanks!

Suhasini; Parent of Piano and Voice Student

They both really love going to their lessons and they love their Teacher!   They really love their lessons!

Alexis; Parent of 2 Voice Lesson Students 

I just wanted to share that I got a wonderful present from Avery for my birthday offering of a private piano concert. Seems as though her first lesson with you on Saturday has rekindled her desire to play! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for music with's obviously contagious and she is motivated to get to that next level!

Karen; Parent of Piano Student

I appreciate how North Phoenix Academy is SO involved in so many Sonoran Foothills community events (Fall Festival, Veteran's Day Event, Breakfast with Santa, Easter Event, Cinco De Mayo Event, Back To School Pool Party, Vendor Fairs and MORE!). Always giving back to the Community! There are NO weekly/year-round activities for kids at Sonoran Foothills except the Music Lessons you provide.  Our Teacher really cares a lot about her students!

Amy Juarez; Parent of Music FunTime Student

Our teacher was so nice, efficient, thoughtful and informative. She made excellent use of our limited time and oriented us to the lessons quickly. The environment was comfortable. We really look forward to working with her! 

Lauren; Parent of Guitar Student

We really appreciate all you guys have done!

Melissa; Parent of Guitar Student

Thank you, she is really enjoying Guitar so far!

Cara; Parent of Guitar Student

We appreciate you so much. He loves having you as a teacher!! 

Nicole; Parent of Piano Student

I want to send you my heartfelt gratitude. Recently, the world we're living in has been more unstable and a bit more stressful than we're used to.  And this, although not deliberate, may have trickled down to each of our children - our future, our hope! But, because of the existence of North Phoenix Academy of Music, our kids still have something great to hold on to. Something to soothe their souls, enhance their confidence, and make them feel that they can still be good at something. That there is HOPE! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dan; Parent of 3 Piano Students

Thank you for all you’ve poured into Levi for piano lessons.  We have so enjoyed having you teach him! You’re a blessing!! Thanks for all your time and patience with him.  We appreciate you!

Nicole; Parent of Piano Student

Thank you so much! We have been very happy!

Lindsey T.; Parent of Voice Student

Our son was asked to perform an instrument of his choice in front of the class and he played Grand Old flag and Carol of the Bells on piano. I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing teacher for our son and giving us the pleasure of hearing such great feedback from his school. We appreciate you more than you know, Thank you so much!

Deepa; Parent of Piano and Guitar Student

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