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Testimonials for North Phoenix Academy of Music 85085, 85086, 85087

Our twelve-year-old daughter, Morgan, has been taking guitar lessons from the North Phoenix Academy of Music for several years. Her teacher has been a wonderful teacher and a positive influence on our daughter. Our daughter is not only learning to play the guitar, but also studying music theory. As we all know, music education benefits children’s ability to learn in other areas. It improves language development, spatial-temporal development, and boosts confidence. Setting and attaining goals and preforming in front of an audience in her community have boosted her confidence. Her teacher knows just how to push her out of her comfort zone when a piece of music seems too daunting. It is exciting to see the progress made on a challenging new piece of music from the first time it is played to the recital. Having these lessons in the community is not only convenient, but it fosters a sense of community. We meet our neighbors at the recitals and see their children grow their talents. We ran into another family at a Sun’s Basketball Camp, we recognized each other from the recitals at the Community Center. In a large city like Phoenix, that is a good feeling.

Sarah; Mom of Guitar Student

After the urging of our neighbors, who also take classes there, my 3 year old daughter started taking classes a year ago.  She has enjoyed meeting new friends and learning about the different instruments, and really looks forward to class each week.  She loves her teacher and has learned so much in the past year.  I am looking forward to signing her up for her first recital this December.   With an 8 month old baby at home (who we hope to start classes when he is old enough), if we had to travel far to attend class we would probably choose not to attend. The program is a huge asset to our community, with many of the communities children attending classes there.  I know of 4 children total, just on my street alone, that attend class there. 

Stephanie; Mother of Music FunTime Student

My husband and I have 4 children, Evan being our middle triplet son and we also have a daughter who is 12. As you can imagine, life with 4 kids, with 3 boys the same age is very busy. I find myself shuttling all of the kids to/from school and to various extracurricular activities. Evan is not interested in athletics like his other 2 brothers. His interests are music and art. Good programs in these areas are very difficult to find. Schools are not offering programs to address these interests and our school has even eliminated the music program and replaced it with a computer class. When Evan started taking piano lessons, he was so excited and so were we with it only being a 5-minute drive from our house. We have seen great improvement in his ability over the last few years and his confidence.  He enjoys participating in the holiday and spring recitals and it has also given him the opportunity to give back to the community. He has played patriot songs for the Veteran’s Day events. My husband and I feel serving the community is very important at any age and this gave Evan a way to contribute.  

Michelle Han; Mother of Piano Student

I have been a homeowner in North Phoenix since retiring in 2011.  Three years ago, I began taking piano lessons from the North Phoenix Academy of Music. Learning to play the piano was something that for me had been a lifelong desire. Two major contributing factors motivating me to pursue this dream was the convenience of having the lessons offered right in my own the community and that music lessons were available for any age above 18 months!  What a wonderful and fulling experience it has been! My instructor has tailored the sessions to compliment my age and lesson level progress.  In addition, the North Phoenix Academy of Music office has been extremely flexible when circumstances necessitate that I reschedule my lesson. These community-based lessons have succeeded in instilling me with unique knowledge, personal joy and a new challenge even in retirement! It is important that our community offer something for every age and a wide array of interests.  For these reasons, I fully endorse and support the North Phoenix Academy of Music and this beneficial educational component to our community offerings.

Nancy; Adult Piano Student

We have been taking lessons, for over 2 years now.  Our 10-year-old son has been taking guitar lessons.  We are so happy with North Phoenix Academy of Music and can’t say enough about how wonderful our Teacher is with our son and the progress he has made with guitar.  The best part about attending guitar lessons is how conveniently located it is.  Not only is it close to our home, its in a safe and secure neighborhood.  We have had to change our schedule a few times due to extra curricular activities after school but in the end, it continues to work beautifully due to the convenience of its location.  As a working mom, to be able to pick him up, then just have to walk next door is so convenient and very much appreciated. There are many times I am not able to take him to his classes but due to the convenience of location, I have been able to have family and/ or neighbors help out, so he continues to grow learning guitar.  We are so grateful to be able to have this in our own community.  We are extremely lucky to have this so close to our home and allow our children to attend.

Tara; Mother of Guitar Student

Our kids (9 year old and 5 year old) started the music lessons with North Phoenix Academy of Music last school year.  Their Teacher has been doing a wonderful job in bringing our kids up to speed on theory and piano classes. They are really enjoying this class and always waiting for Music Class. They have made a tremendous progress over the last year and we are really happy with the program.  

Smitha; Mother of 2 Piano Students

We have lived in Sonoran Foothills for over 12 years. In our busy society, convenience is key.  Our girls have been taking lessons from North Phoenix Academy of Music for over 4 years.  Having the option of taking lessons in our community  is invaluable to the students and families.  They offer a wide variety of classes that serves little children all they up to adults.  In addition, we feel having lessons in our community helps build community.  Not only do neighborhood families get to interact on a weekly basis in between lessons, but two times a year all the Academy students perform in a recital.  The room is always packed and has to be split into several different recitals because of the number of students and guests.  This is a great time of fellowship and community building. Lastly, for the past several of years, North Phoenix Academy of Music has provided student-performed music during the Veteran’s breakfast hosted at the community center in November.  This is an awesome way to bring different generations of our community together and has served to honor our veterans and provide an opportunity for the children to perform their talents in front of others. 

Brad & Angie Stewart; Parents of 2 Piano Students

My daughter Lily started out in Music FunTime when she was 18 months old and now that she is 4 she has begun piano lessons as well.  The music classes have been wonderful for her development and she has grown so much since attending.  The recitals she has performed in have helped her be comfortable in front of large groups and the classroom setting aided in her transition to preschool.

Jennifer; Mother of Music FunTime Student and Piano

When I looked for music lessons for my grandchildren, who are 6 and 7 years old, the only opportunity in the area was North Phoenix Academy of Music.  I believe music is an important part of any child’s education. It is a discipline that can turn into a lifetime of pleasure and keep our young people focused in a positive way. This is critical in the world we live in with all of its potentially negative diversions. I have been so pleased with the program run by the North Phoenix Academy of Music. The teacher my grandchildren have is excellent, and they are doing remarkably well with their lessons. 

Deb; Grandmother of 2 Piano Students

We want to take this opportunity to say how much our boys (5 & 4) look forward to their Music FunTime class.   We have been in the class for two years. The boys love to see their teacher and their friends in class.  It’s not just music notes they are learning. Sharing, taking turns, and social skills that will be with them for life.  We have done our recital at the community center and it was nice to see not just our boys perform but other students perform for family and friends.  It really was nice to see them all shine with such a big proud smile on their faces.    We can’t wait to do our next recital.  We have been lucky and fortunate to have these classes in our community!  Thank you!

Anyarat; Mother of 2 Music FunTime Students

Our teacher has been teaching music to our daughter for past four plus years. When we were looking for music lessons close by, it was such a blessing to know that they are available, right in our community and we do not have to go far, else we would have struggled to provide her the learnings she has had so far in music.   Our daughter takes guitar class, piano class, voice class and Music FunTime class with North Phoenix Academy of Music. We keep recordings of the recitals and it’s amazing to see how kids have been improving with every recital, including our daughter and we are also starting our 2-year-old with the Music FunTime classes as we are seeing how music has helped with overall child development with our older one.

Parul; Mother of 2 Students (Piano, Voice, Guitar and Music FunTime Classes)

North Phoenix Academy of Music in combination with Music FunTime is one of the most exceptional music classes offered in the area.  The Academy's ability to combine a piano based curriculum along with other instruments like violin, guitar, drums and flutophones truly gets little minds excited and passionate about music. Their experience is stemmed from a Johns-Hopkins research study demonstrating children under 7 can learn to recognize music symbols which fosters their ability to grasp math and science at a rapid pace. This is what sets them apart from any music school I know of, in Arizona.   I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing one of the Academy's most respected teachers. She has been amazing and exceptional in every aspect. I have been most impressed by her commitment, patience and passion to teach every child music in an affectionate and nurturing environment. She challenges my child's abilities and as a result my child loves being with her. Her high-quality teaching skills come from her dedication, extensive experience and the Academy's stringent policies in selecting the very best to encourage life-long learning and values in these young minds. 

That gift, connection and excitement to see my child so happy to be at North Phoenix Music Academy for nearly 4 years, is priceless. 

Dr. Geetika; Mother of Music FunTime and Piano Student

I am a community resident and parent of a 6 year old child (and a 2 year old hoping to start soon) who is currently thriving in the classes being held at the community center by North Phoenix Academy of Music.  Life gets hectic and it's so convenient to take part in activities that are close to home.  Last year, we signed my son up for the Sonoran Foothills Soccer league.  To no fault of the program, my son did not enjoy soccer in the least bit.  He was intimidated by the competition aspect of it.  It was not an enjoyable experience for us.  I was recently asking what he would be interested in doing activity-wise.  He mentioned music.  In a Resident Facebook post where community members were asking about a good music program in this area, North Phoenix Academy of Music was mentioned.  I wasn't sure what he'd think of it. My son has been taking these classes for a month now.  I cannot express to you in words, just how happy my son has been with these classes- he gets excited for every Tuesday (when he attends his class right after he gets out of school).  After the class has ended for the day, he goes on and how about much fun he had and how much he loves it.  As a parent, it is beyond gratifying to see him so genuinely excited about something other than video games!  He enjoys the other kids in the class.  I am so excited to see him build a solid foundation in music.  He finally has found an activity that he loves, that he feels comfortable doing!  His personality is shy and he's always been timid.  This newly found love of music is amazing to see! As I mentioned above, life gets extremely hectic and it really is so convenient to have these classes right around the corner from our house (literally!).  It's crucial that our community have non-sports activities offered as well (for children like mine).  We love that it's a class he can continue growing with year-round.  The children of our community can benefit in so many ways with classes from North Phoenix Academy of Music: they make new friends, they learn new skills (which helps to build their self-esteem) and it's an enriching way to spend time (away from the tv and video games)!  This program offers only positive things in our great Sonoran Foothills community!  I am only wishing that we had started with North Phoenix Academy of Music sooner.  My son's teacher is very kind and patient and we feel very blessed to have her.

Kristen;  Parent of Music FunTime Students

Our family has been taking music lessons through North Phoenix Academy of Music for the past two years. I love the convenience of having this valuable program right here in our neighborhood. Music is an integral part of childhood development and growth. There are countless studies that highlight the positive impact that music has on the brain. When we first moved to the community, I was so excited to find out that Sonoran Foothills offered music lessons at the community center. My son (and my soon to be younger daughter) has been working with his teacher for the last two years and can fluently read an entire sheet of music at the age of 5! I spend a lot of time at the community center and I use the pool and the park almost daily. Attending music lessons is a big part of our life.

Amy Juarez; Parent of Music FunTime and Piano Student

Our daughter, is fortunate to have a such a great music teacher. Our daughter is now is grade six. She has been taking piano and voice music lessons for 4 years and we have seen tremendous improvements in her.  We have enjoyed participating in the 2x a year music recitals. Her teacher is very serious about the study. She makes sure the students take the music as important as other studies. She also helps in any other aspect needed. For example, she taught our daughter on basic vocal that helped her boost confidence in speaking in public/school.  Because of all these things even friends of our daughter are now eager to take lessons from North Phoenix Academy of Music. (We have already referred two of our friends from our community) Music is a required subject in our daughter’s school and we also feel that music should be part of our life. North Phoenix Academy of Music is a great help in this area as they and the teachers are very professional.  They are flexible in timings and schedules too.

Prasanta; Parent of Piano and Voice Student

We are members of the Sonoran Foothills Community. We have attended a few of the events and love the community. However, our favorite thing offered at the Community Center is the Music Lessons. We were taking our son, to lessons but were having to drive to Scottsdale - 35 minutes away. This was 70 minutes of driving for a 30 minute lesson. When we found out there were lessons right by our house, we were thrilled. However, I wasn’t sure if we would like them as much. The lessons we were taking were fun with a lot of singing and dancing.  Well, we have now been members of the North Phoenix Academy of Music for about 6 months and we couldn’t be happier! Our son is still having a lot of fun, but has learned so much about music!! The classes are actually a part of a research-based program, where my 20 month old has fun but actually learns music theory. Our teacher is kind, enthusiastic, fun, and so knowledgeable. Our son loves the classes and is truly learning. I see him practicing on his own and using the terminology on a regular basis. It is so exciting!!! He can do things like identify a whole note and tell the difference between instruments playing in piano versus forte (soft and loud). He knows the lines in the treble clef and he can also identify different instruments and play them to a beat!! When I have my son show family and friends what he is learning they are amazed! It truly is incredible. And to have this offered 4 minutes from our house is invaluable.

Jeff; Parent of Music FunTime Student

My daughter and myself both attend Violin classes given by North Phoenix Academy of Music. We just love music and especially playing Violin. We are in beginner stage and have had classes before from a different music school. With my past experience I can say that our Teacher is a perfect fit for both of us. I love the way how we get all communications from North Phoenix Academy of Music—their team is always responsive for our needs. We are with North Phoenix Academy of Music for 3 years now and have wonderful experiences throughout. When we started initially it was just a dream for us to play on Violin, but now we see that dream coming true as we start playing at Community concerts. Progress we made in learning is just marvelous and all the credit goes to North Phoenix Academy of Music team. We started playing a line of music to a complete song now!  Our Teacher makes us feel so comfortable in learning Music alongside of the instrument. It is her never ending encouragement, commitment and passion that pushes us to take an extra step. The amount of knowledge she gives us is just incredible. Other schools were just going by book and would ask us to play from book. Our Teacher has a perfect plan well packaged with Music basics, instrument practice, flashcards, concerts and so on.  As beginners it has been very tough for us to play at Community Concerts but our skill has grown rapidly in last couple years. I have no doubt in giving the highest recommendation for North Phoenix Academy of Music to any of my friends. 

Jyotsna; Adult Violin Student and Parent of Violin Student

I would like to take this opportunity as the Founder and CEO of the Music FunTime program to explain what the program is that is currently being offered exclusively at your Community Center to residents of your Community. The Music FunTime curriculum teaches preschool children how to read and understand basic music theory. Music FunTime is based on the popular and considerable amount of research done over recent years into the effect music has on the development of the brain and thinking. Neurological research has found that the higher brain functions of abstract reasoning and also spatial and temporal conceptualization are enchanced by music activities. Activities with music also generate the neural connections necessary for using important math skills.This program is sweeping the nation as the only program developed for young children that is in demand by doctors, musicians and parents for children in today's society and is only licensed in the Phoenix area to North Phoenix Academy of Music.The next closest studio is in Tuscon, AZ.  Your involvement affords your areas children this immense head start in developing and education.

Debra; Founder and CEO of Music FunTime

We are very happy with Evan's progress and we love his Teacher. We will continue to recommend the Academy to our friends! 

Michelle Han; Mom of Piano Student

Everything is great and Sophia loves it!

Courtney; Mom of Music FunTime Student

Everything is great! The kids wanted to go back again today!

Jen; Mom of 2 Music FunTime Students

Lessons are going well and Audrey really likes her instructor!

Hui; Mom of Flute Student

​Things are great! I'm excited about this program and my Teacher is wonderful! 

Ramaswamy; Adult Piano Student

Thank you for providing the quality lessons and teacher for our daughter this past year. I am impressed with how much she has learned so far and eagerly recommend your program to other students! 

Mrs. Veach; Parent of Guitar Student

We have enjoyed our three years working and learning at North Phoenix Academy of Music. This has been our daughter Margaret's first experience with a musical instument. Her teacher has done a such a good job keeping her motivated and excited about playing the violin.  She does a great job setting expectations and gently pushing them to be a better musician.  The instrument rental program you have has been super too!  Best prices in the Phoenix area and we love the size exchange program as she outgrows 1 size and is ready for the next!
Kathleen; Parent of Violin Student

Our family has had the opportunity to work with the wonderful people at North Phoenix Academy of Music for the past 7 years and we wholeheartedly recommend them for your music lesson and instrument rental needs!  Both of our daughters take lessons here.  It has been a great experience for our girls as they make music a part of their lives.  We are big fans and will continue to work with them for many years to come!

Tiffany; Parent of French Horn, Clarinet and Piano Students

The violin lesson went great! Both my daughter and I love our Teacher! She's great and we couldn't be happier with her!

Jasmine; Parent of Violin Student

Maribelle enjoys the class and loves her Teacher!

Saranya; Parent of Music FunTime Student

I really love our teacher!

Carolyn; Adult Piano Student and Parent of Piano and Voice Students


Everything is going great! Aidyn enjoys his class!

Liz; Parent of Group Piano Student

I'm sorry we are not on Facebook but I did want to tell you my kiddos love their piano lessons!

Amy; Parent of 2 Piano Students

Lessons are going great!

Marianne; Parent of Guitar Student

Everything went great last night! We're really excited to work with our new teacher and I think she'll be a perfect fit for the boys :)

Julie; Mom of 2 Piano Students

It is going great! Jackson loves the class and his teacher is wonderful! Very happy.  :)

Jaqueline; Mom of Piano Student

Our teacher is SO nice and works well with the kids!  They both 

enjoy their lessons!

Deb; Mom of 2 Piano Students

Our teacher is Fantastic! Perfect match for our kids!

Sarah; Mom of 2 Piano Students

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